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Sci-Fi Short Film "LIVE" | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

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„LIVE“ written & directed by Taryn O’Neill

Under the eye of an A.I. camera system, an online ‚livecaster‘ with a volatile brand has a crisis of conscience in a future where jobs are limited and conflict is currency.

Short Synopsis:
“The one finite resource we have besides the resources of this planet and time is our ATTENTION”. Kevin Kelley, co-founder of WIRED.

A woman wakes to the memory of a fist connecting with her face. She is bruised and bloodied, barely able to get out of bed. She gives no indication to what has happened to her. Through an audio command she renders a holographic screen showing stats and numbers that render her despondent. Finally having numbed the pain with ice and vodka, she activates her A.I. camera system and goes ‚LIVE‘ — talking straight into camera, portraying a brash, sexy character who engages in ‚fight clubs‘ to engage her viewers. The previous night’s fight is how she is so bruised. But this volatile persona is taking a toll on her… not just physically but emotionally, and the arrival of her much younger boyfriend, an e-gamer, brings this crisis to a heated climax, especially when he suggests some not so savory alternatives to her ‚character‘. But in a future where A.I. and automation have decimated the job market and where personal conflict is currency, what options does she have?

A message from the filmmaker:
The world of tomorrow is my present. Being a voracious researcher of science and technology, my brain jumps to how each new innovation will affect our future, both for good, and for ill. LIVE examines two issues that are affecting almost every demographic of society: the coming disruption of Artificial Intelligence and the proliferation (and effects) of social media. The data shows that social media algorithms are optimized for profit and efficiency. But it has also been demonstrated that ‘for profit’ and ‘for human health and wellness’ are not correlated. LIVE was made to be a cautionary, a no holds barred story that examines the dark truths behind our online personas and the lengths we will go for engagement. Engagement is currency, conflict is currency. LIVE examines the personal cost of it. It turns a lens on the public’s fear of what the near future will look like, where the future of jobs, our very means to live, is unclear at best. Let the debate to change the system ensue.

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