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Robot Adventures | 1 Hour of SciFi | Sunday Night DUST | 7.14.2019

Video vydal Youtuber na kanálu DUST. Profil Youtubera najdeš na DUST ~ dust.ytbr.cz.

We’re focusing on robots this week during our Sunday Night DUST presentation. Join us for an hour long showing of sci-fi short films from the channel as we live chat with fans from around the world – every Sunday at 7pm Pacific.

This week’s lineup includes:
„Robot & Scarecrow“ by Kibwe Tavares | 1:05 | youtu.be/PcvHNbDPaK0
„Archetype“ by Aaron Sims | 13:31 | youtu.be/WDbEkEcaAbU
„Planet Unknown“ by Shawn Wang | 18:39 | youtu.be/B4JY_JeodKw
„AMP“ by Adam Marisett | 27:13 | youtu.be/0cX6udiwmn8
„The Nostalgist“ by Giacomo Cimini | 34:17 | youtu.be/nFfPhFQZPUg
„The Masseuse“ by Tan Ce Ding | 49:19 | youtu.be/jeI2qXq0RRc

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